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Infertility is undoubtedly a widespread issue and according to recent estimates, almost 1 in every 3 couple is dealing with one or another kind of fertility concern. Moreover, as a couple or an individual plan up for their fertility treatment, finding the best fertility consultants holds big relevance for the success of their fertility journey.

This is where our professionals at IVF POINT come with the right experience to shape up your fertility journey in the right direction. Over the past two decades, we have brought smiles on thousands of faces while making them reach their parenthood goals.

Besides, we offer top notch surrogacy services to help you plan your family in the most legal and ethical manner. So, whether you want to plan up your surrogacy journey in a country like USA or any country around African continent, you can stay assured of the right guidance and support all along.

IVF POINT: The Name you can count upon for Top class IVF, Egg Donations and Surrogacy services!

At IVF point, we take pride in being known as the best surrogacy agency and IVF consultants across nations like India, Nepal, USA and Africa. With us, you can stay assured of getting :

  • Most ethical and affordable surrogacy and IVF related services
  • Full support and guidance during your fertility journey
  • Complete transparency and assistance in managing cost related to IVF and Surrogacy related aspects
  • End to end care and support to the surrogate mother
  • 24×7 helpline to assist you in your parenthood journey
  • Top class pool of pre-screened surrogates and donors

At IVF point, we understand that intended parents have to do a lot of brainstorming in order to make key decisions regarding their plans for IVF and Surrogacy. Moreover, this process brings along a lot of stress and anxiety all along.

This is where our experts are always available to guide and support you towards the best treatment and fertility solutions. No matter if you have to find the best surrogate mother in India or checking on the best IVF center in USA, we are here to help you, regardless!

Unlike other surrogacy agencies and centers, we duly respect your sexual orientations and other preferences during your parenthood journey. So, even if you are planning to pursue same sex surrogacy in USA, you can expect all the right support and assistance at every step. Apart from our unparalleled expertise and experience, the following aspects make us better than the rest in the ART domain.


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Meet our founder
Dr. Rajesh Chaudhary

Dr. Rajesh Chaudhary is a name that needs no introduction in the world of ART. With decades of experience and expertise at his back, Dr. Rajesh is deemed as the most sought after IVF doctor among elite class patients.

Dr. Rajesh has proved his prowess as a renowned Obstetrician and Gynaecologist, Reproductive medicine and Expertise in IVF/Infertility care with decades of experience in the ART domain. Moreover, he has administered over 5,000 IVF cases to date. Besides, he is a specialized Gynaecologist endoscopic surgeon with special interest in fertility enhancing endoscopic procedure.

While laying the foundation of IVF point, Dr. Chaudhary’s main motto was to deliver top class, yet affordable fertility and surrogacy services to millions of struggling intended parents around the world.


Dr. Rajesh Chaudhary

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How we pick the best surrogates for
your Surrogacy Journey?

All of our surrogates undergo a thorough screening and matching process to ensure their suitability for your respective surrogacy journey. While the specific steps and criteria may vary depending on the country and its surrogacy laws here are the general stages involved in screening and matching surrogates:

Application and initial screening

Surrogates typically begin by filling out an application with us. This application may include personal information, medical history, lifestyle factors, and their motivation for becoming a surrogate. Moreover, the initial screening helps determine if the surrogate meets basic eligibility criteria.

Psychological evaluation:

They will then undergo psychological assessments or interviews conducted by our mental health professionals. These evaluations help assess the surrogate's mental and emotional readiness for the surrogacy journey. Besides, it ensures they understand the potential challenges, risks, and emotional implications involved in being a surrogate.

Legal and contractual agreements:

Surrogates will then enter into a surrogacy agreement with the intended parents. These agreements outline the rights, responsibilities, and expectations of all parties involved, including the surrogate, intended parents, and any other relevant parties.

Medical evaluation:

The same surrogates then undergo a comprehensive medical evaluation, which usually includes physical examinations, blood tests, and screenings for infectious diseases. These assessments aim to ensure the surrogate is in good health, free from any significant medical conditions, and has a favorable reproductive system for pregnancy.

Background checks:

Background checks are conducted to verify the surrogate's criminal history, financial stability, and overall suitability for the surrogacy process. This step helps ensure the safety and security of all parties involved.

Matching process:

Once the screening is complete, we will match the surrogate with intended parents based on various factors. These factors may include geographical proximity, compatibility of preferences, and shared values or interests. Moreover, both the surrogate and the intended parents may have the opportunity to review each other's profiles and have initial meetings or interviews to ensure a good fit.

Medical synchronization:

If the surrogate and intended parents are matched, the medical synchronization process begins. This involves coordinating the menstrual cycles of the surrogate and the intended mother (or egg donor) to optimize the chances of successful embryo transfer.

Why choose IVF POINT?

At IVF point, we work with the core motive of offering ethical and affordable fertility solutions to as many people as we can. Moreover, we have partnered with some of the best IVF centers and egg/sperm donor agencies in countries like India, Nepal, USA and Africa to ensure the best support and assistance during your fertility journey. On the other hand, we have a pool of pre-screened surrogate mothers and donors that can help you reach your parenthood goals in the best manner possible.

Besides, we have our own panel of legal experts that have gained proficiency in ART laws of most of the countries across the globe. So, no matter if you are looking for best surrogacy option in USA or India or best IVF treatment in Nepal or Africa, we got your covered!

Simply connect with our coordinators today for more information and assistance!

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